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Re: [IP] set changes and high's

The same thing was happening to me (going high after set changes and then
stabling down after a few hours).  What works for me (most of the time,
nothing is 100% :) is to bolus .2 immediately after I change the set.  This
is because my basal is .5/hr at that time of day (early morning) and usually
by the time I detach, shower, mess around getting the cartridge setup, the
primes done, etc. 20-30 min have gone by with no insulin entering the
[I know I'm slow at this, and some people aren't detached nearly that long,
but I'm a relative newbie too -- time me again in 5 years! :) ]
For some reason, that tiny amount of insulin makes a BIG difference in my
glucose levels later on.  I do this whether or not I'm eating breakfast
immediately after -- although of course I bolus for the food properly if I
do eat.

Anyway, you might want to try a similar proportion of your basal when you do
set changes and see if it makes a difference.  As always, YMMV.


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