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Re: [IP] Cost of Insulin

OUCH! That's a lot, even considering I'm in CA, where they have been known
to jack up prices for rent and housing, etc...Humalog is expen$ive...Was
reading in "Diabetes Interview" how they actually arrive at some of the
costs of meds.  Something around 75% of the cost is going for the previous
15+ years of the research and trials etc. that it took to get the med. made
and approved.....
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Sharon Spadaro"

Subject: Re: [IP] Cost of Insulin

> Bottle of Humalog cost me $43.50 yesterday here in Western PA :-( Sharon
> SNIP>>>>>>> Jenny S. said: I wish! $1.31 a bottle is better than
> >the $31.50 some of us have to pay,
insulin cost went from $27.99 up to 29.30
> >a bottle - I am in Huntsville, Alabama Bonnie Richardson

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