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[IP] High BG's

     Hi.  My name is Chris and I have been using the pump for 1 full week.
     I changed my set this morning and after getting to work and eating
     breakfast my 2 hour post bg was 320.  Since this was going up instead
     of coming down I changed my tubing thinking there was air in the line.
     (Yes I did prime)

     Lunch time came (not much longer after I changed the tubing).  Bolused
     for 60 gm carbs (4units) at 1:30 my bg was 465.  waited a little
     longer.  At 2:30 I checked and it registered High.  I will be leaving
     work soon but I did take 10 units of insulin with the pen (Yuk!!!).

     I think I may have forgotten to lubricate the resevoir before filling
     it.  Does anyone think this is why I am not getting any insulin?

     Chris (email @ redacted)----------------------------------------------------------
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