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[IP] set changes and high's

Hi Everyone, 

I'm been pumping for only about three weeks now, and doing pretty well.  However, I have some weird phenomenon going on that defies all logic I know.  I've done 7 set changes.  Religiously every three days.  Four of the seven times, I've gone over 350 two hours later, and stayed there for almost exactly 5 hours.  Then I drop down to a normal level and the site works perfectly from that point forward. Extra bolusing has no effect. 

The textbooks say to check 2 hrs later to see if the site is working...well, if I just wait long enough, it works just fine.  AND because I just began pumping, a value over 300 doesn't even freak me out. Life as usual from MDI.   My question is WHY??  If I knew this happened everytime I would just bolus 2 units in the old set before changing to the new one.  But it doesn't.

I'm using..
MM 508, softsets, softserter, straight humalog (no mixing).
I also exclusively use my upper rear to eliminate any site variability at this point. 
I always do a set change before a meal so I can bolus right away. I do all the primes by the book, including the 0.5 u after the needle is removed. 

This really irriates me and I hate set changes for this reason.  I'm doing so good with my numbers, carb counting, and then every three days we do the mystery insulin game.

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