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[IP] Re: Denise's control & other stuff

> I think Denise realizes that she is in control, as she said "as I work
with the pump, not against it." It's these type of posts that make people
feel UNwelcome here. I just joined in 2 weeks ago and have already been
attacked for minor things - and some not even diabetes related. I almost
felt that I would not return as well, but I am sticking it out because
perhaps someone has some good info for me. I read through all the back and
forth about "Diabetes Burnout," "Die post Die" and now witnessing the A1C
battle - people shouldn't belittle others here - isn't it supposed to be
forming bonds and making new friends? Just thought I'd ask.


I don't think that the A1c thread is a "battle"...it's an educational
discussion (I know I feel like I've learned a lot about it in the past 24
hours), & maybe I missed something (wouldn't be the first time!  :)  ), but
I don't remember anyone belittling anyone.  If any of my posts read that
way, such was not the intent at all, & anyone on the receiving end has my
sincere apologies.

I just went back & re-read Sara's post to Denise - I found it very warm &
welcoming.  Maybe we each just interpret or read very different things into
other people's words.  Denise...I hope you do feel very welcome here - this
list can be an amazing source of information & support...& I know that, for
me, it's become an indispensible resource.  THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!!

I'm sorry that you've felt attacked for things, & I hope someone here does
have good info for you...that may not be the only thing this list is for,
but I've found it enormously helpful in figuring out the ins & outs of the
great pumping adventure - I hope very much that it becomes the same case for

Brightest Blessings,

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