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RE: [IP] need help w/little pumper

>Does anybody have any good tips for making the sofsets last longer. Brynn is an active 3 yr old who runs around 
>day, maybe swims a couple of times a day, throws himself off the furniture... The 1st day is always great but often 
>by the next day I can't keep him under 250 without a new set.

You did not say if the sets were falling out or if it was just a problem with his numbers going up after day 1.  We had both problems when my 4 1/2 year old son, Mark, was using the soft-set Micro QR's.  We very rarely got them to stay in more than 1 1/2 - 2 days.  And, if they did stay in longer than that, his numbers would start to creep up.

I always thought that part of the problem was that because the softset cannula goes straight in, it may be going in too deep on the little kids and going below the subcutaneous layer into muscle.  My little guy does not have a very deep layer of fat anywhere (unlike his mama and daddy)!  Once you are out of the subcutaneous layer, the insulin is just not absorbed nearly as well.

The only way we resolved the problem with the sets coming out all the time was to use Masticol.  That stuff really sticks, so be prepared to use Detachol to take it off, or it WILL take skin off with it!  But, it did hold the soft-set in for more than 2 days.

We are using Tenders now (along with EMLA beforehand).  I like them because they definitely stay in better and you can decide how deep to put them and how much of the cannula to actually insert underneath the skin.  We put it in pretty shallow and only insert about 1/2 of the cannula.  Mark's numbers have gotten so much better since we have been using Tenders.

Since we have switched to Tenders, we have not had a set come out unexpectedly.  We clean the chosen area with soap and water (or a baby wipe), wipe it with alcohol, apply IV3000 tape, then insert the Tender through the tape.  We have had to re-tape things occasionally but the Tender keeps hanging in there even when the tape starts coming off.  We live in hot, humid North Carolina and Mark is an Extremely active child who really sweats a lot!

Beth Mullen
Mom to 4 1/2 year old Mark, dx @ 2 months old, pumping since 12/1999.

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