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RE: [IP] Tape goo left from Tender/Sils/Comforts

Title: RE: [IP] Tape goo left from Tender/Sils/Comforts

<<Anyone have any solutions to removing this goo?>>

My list:

1)Unisolve(or other similar product) -- works GREAT! but is an expense.
2)Goo Gone (similar product but for objects) -- works GREAT! but not good for sensitive skin.(a little cheaper)
3)Baby Oil -- works pretty good.  A little messy, tend to use this if I plan on showering after. Definitely cheaper.
4)Time -- works ok, and it's FREE! :)

Personally,  I use Time and Unisolve.  Every 3rd or 4th site change I use a Unisolve pad and remove 3 or 4 spots.  By this time the 1st spot is almost gone.  I don't find it that bothersome, and neither does my husband.  Although I have used all of the above successfully.

-- Sherry