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Subject: [IP] need help w/little pumper

Hi Teresa,
Your story is all too familiar to me.  My daughter, Jenna, though older than
Brynn, went through the same thing with infusion sites.  Sometimes, a
different kind of site, like the Silouette/Tenders will do better.  Since
they go in at an angle, they tend to stay in the right spot and not pull out
as easily as the Sofsets.  I definitely recommend using EMLA or other
numbing cream with them, at least at first, as they are a little scary
looking and the little ones often think they hurt going in.  If that doesn't
work, he may one of the few percent of pumpers who don't tolerate Humalog
for long in one spot.  That was Jenna's problem.  Fortunately, I learned
from the pumpers on the list about the Humalog and Velosulin mix.  Velosulin
is a Regular insulin by NovoNordisk, made specifically for the early insulin
pumps with a special buffer that didn't eat up the pump tubing.  Now, with
the new plastics in the tubing, and Humalog, not that many pumpers use it
any more.  At any rate, we use 1 part Velosulin to 5 parts Humalog in the
cartridge, and the vast majority of Jenna's sites will last 3 days.  We just
mix it like mixing any insulin, draw up 0.5 cc of Velosulin, then 2.65 cc of
Humalog (to fill up a 3.15 cc Disetronic cartridge), roll it around, and
drop it in the pump.  A lot of medical folks think this is voodoo, but it
sure works for us!

Nancy Morgan

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