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Re: [IP] Hgb. A1C

Sammi, all those articles are written by people who don't want to make it
too complicated for the ubiquitous "average lay person."   It is too hard
to explain weighted averages and then give factor to the weighting.  There
hasn't been much research on A1C in recent years--most of the
interpretations are based on experimental work 5-15 years ago.   Be that as
it may, the A1C is definitely NOT a simple average, so all the refs you
cite are quite misleading.   However, because it is 8 times more sensitive
to high BGs, it is in fact a very useful and sensitive indicator of how
well the diabetes is controlled.  A normal person never gets a day of high
BGs so their A1C is low.  A diabetic who gets even a day a week of bad  BGs
will show a significantly higher A1C and that is important to know.  If it
were a simple average, one would never be able to detect one bad day out of
a week.  That is why it is so useful an index.  Yes there are differences
in individuals and how quickly they glycosolate their Hb (that's why there
is such a huge variation in "normal" values).  So it is not so important to
compare between individuals.   Just get yours as low as what you can safely
live with and keep it there.

<<<<<<<<<<<This thread has really got me wondering, because it challenges
what I've
always believed about HbA1c's, based on my doctor & on the resources I've
read & explored...all of that can be a very good thing, because it's causing
me to refresh my mind, research-wise, & I think we all need that every so
often!  :)
References I'm finding on this include:
        -ADA Complete Guide to Diabetes
        -Controlling Diabetes the Easy Way (Mirsky & Heilman)
        The Diabetic's Book (Biermann & Toohey)
These are the references I've found looting around here this morning, that
seem to disagree with the book chapter you gave.  I'm really curious
now...what IS the "Pink Panther Book"?  Is that the name of it, & who wrote

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