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[IP] denise's control

Denise wrote:
>  I never thought I would be a pump user. The thought of 
>  giving up control really frightened me....My sugars are 
> getting more stable and "normal" as I work with the
>  pump, not against it.....I'm hoping the pump will stabelize 
> my sugars enough so I'll be able to become pregnant. 

Welcome to the list Denise, I know you love your pump as much as I do!!  
However, I hope you realize you have NOT given up control.  In fact, what you 
have done is TAKE control.  The pump is NOT a magic machine.  It will not 
take care of you on its own, in fact it can really mess you up if you take a 
laissez faire attitude about it.  You HAVE to test, you have to clean the 
lead screw (if you have a MNMD), you have to change your site, you can still 
have site infections, or bad sites or air bubbles or or or or etc...The pump 
is an inanimate machine that only does what YOU tell it to do.  Your diabetes 
status is SOLELY dependant on how YOU personally manage - or not manage - 
it....not the doctor, not the CDE, not anyone or anything else.  

In my opinion, the pump makes management EASIER, but it doesn't work by 
"giving up control"   The pump will HELP you stabilize your sugars.  You have 
to be in charge, though...

Good luck with the pregnancy thing!!  and welcome to the Borg!

NYC Sara
dxed age 10, pumping 7 1/2 years MNMD
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