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[IP] infection prevention

Okay, after 2 1/2 years on the pump I have my first site problem and
wouldn't you know it's on my backside where I have to use a mirror to
really see what's happening. After 2 days the site was itchy
(sporadically) and I saw a red spot at the corner of the rectangular
base of the soft-set. I know I should have removed it immediately but my
bg's were running okay and I had an appointment with a CDE the next
morning to learn how to insert a silhouette. Anyway, I was so impressed
with how easy the silhouette insertion went that I forgot about the the
occasional itching at the previous site and went home with the site
still in place. When I removed it a few hours later it I felt a somewhat
large amount of a clear liquid on my hand. It didn't smell like insulin.
I'm guessing there was something like a blister under the base of the
set and that it broke. So finally the question - should I contact the
CDE at my new endo's office, my primary care physician, or should I just
keep an eye (as best I can) on the site and continue with the antibiotic
cream covered with a bandage made of gauze and a tape I can usually use
for a day or two? I'm allergic to most tapes so I can't treat it this
way for too long a time. Thanks for any suggestions.

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