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Re: [IP] Re: A1C

Actually it is what's called a weighted average, with high BGs counting
more than low BGs.  I remember reading a research article showing that high
BGs were about 8 times more effective than low BGs.  This means that if you
have one bad day in the 200-300s, you need to be good for a week to
compensate for this.  Also the A1C also is more heavily weighted toward
what your BG has been in the past month, rather than 2 or 3 months ago.

>Based on what I've read and heard, I thought the A1C indicated
>how often the blood sugars have been high, not an average of the

<This is correct according to the Pink Panther book, 9th ed., ISBN
<0-9675398-0-3, p. 132.

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