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[IP] Cold all the time

Sara i g writes that she is cold all the time. She evidently also notes
inappropriate sweating too. In addition she states she has gustatory
neuropathy which causes sweating when chewing.
All of these symptoms could have as a root cause autonomic neuropathy which
all of us get after long term 'betes. In this condition the automatic
functions of the nervous system, heart rate regulation, sweating and
temperature regulation are abrogated by damage to the nerve fibers that
subserve these functions.in some cases inappropriate regeneration occurs so
that some function like sweating occurs during chewing. the nerves to the
chewing muscles are abnormally connected to the nerves to the sweat glands
of the face. It is complex because these inappropriate connections are made
wherever one nerve goes next to another. When a nerve is damaged the axons,
the conducting part away from the nerve cell tends to sprout new axonal
fibers and to regenerate. If those fibers find an old nerve fiber tunnel
they grow into it  and reach the wrong destination. This is known as
aberrant regeneration and is discussed in detail in all of the basic
microanatomy texts. you can also look it up on Entrez PubMed site:
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Entrez/ "Aberrant regeneration" or "aberrant
neuronal regeneration"  If you do use this site: Many studies are done with
HRP which means Horseradish Peroxidase- An enzyme used to trace nerve
pathways and render them visible. One of the tests for autonomic neuropathy
is to measure the interval between heartbeats and see if it changes. Another
is to measure your heart rate and then suddenly thrust your face into
ice-water which in normal folks will slow the heart rate and is known as the
diving reflex. "Do not try this at home" Its for professional drivers on a
closed course". In little kids it can actually stop the heart.It is
protective in cases of submersion and protects against drowning. Spot and

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