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[IP] Re: Rhonda/weight gain

I put on about 20lbs after starting the pump.  However, I should clarify 
this statement by asserting that I am a certified junk-food junkie.  My diet 
is probably much different than yours (jeeze,...I hope so...) and I have 
only recently begun to shed some pounds via Slimfast (no dinner, just a 
shake).  The pump makes it easy to "cheat."  If you have a few Devildogs 
instead of a hotdog for dinner (What the.....?!) you just give yourself a 
few extra units of insulin to cover the extra carbs.  This causes weight 
gain (no kiddin'!!).  If, on the other hand, you have a healthy diet to 
begin with, you shouldn't have a problem.
   As for the first part of your question, I personally have not noticed any 
energy differences (my pre-pump control was pretty good, post-pump is 

>Has the pump increased your energy level and also what about weight 

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