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Re: [IP] I need to vent

>I have had a crazy day with blood sugars.  I was 140 this morning at 8am.  
>ate lunch(soup,no crackers) and a diet coke.  I bolused for the soup since 
>had noodles.  About an hour after lunch I am 400


I have had high readings now and then and found air bubbles in the line.  At 
first I was having many problems with air bubbles.  I called MM and they 
suggested that I keep the insulin at room temperature and plunge about 20 
units up and down the reservoir and tap it briskly with a pen to remove any 
possible bubbles.  That solved my bubble problem.

email @ redacted
Type I for 43 years
Began pumping w/MM 507C 8/31/99
.....and loving it

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