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Re: [IP] Need to Vent


I can sympathize with you... I also find it very frustrating when people
give unsolicited advice on how to manage my diabetes.

I thought I would pass on something intersting about this particular
gentleman's comment, though.  I am not sure how old the gentleman was,
or what context his warning about insulin was based on, but his
concerned statement about insulin may have had a factual (but extremely
outdated) basis.

When insulin was first discovered and used to treat humans with
diabetes, that insulin was extracted from animal pancreases.  During
those first years of insulin extraction, the purification process was
not very refined, so there were many impurities in the final product.
It also took some time to establish that bovine and porcine (beef and
pork) insulin were the closest match to human insulin.  These factors
caused many people to die from alergic reactions to these early extracts
of insulin.  There were several doctors who refused to treat diabetics
with insulin for this very reason... they saw the risk of taking the
insulin as greater then than the disease itself, even after the risk was
reduced by ever-improving extraction/purification methods and using
bovine and porcine sources.

Obviously, today these concerns are baseless as most insulin used is
produced with bacteria via genetic engineering methods.  I imagine that
some old-timers who have been around long enough may remember these
early insulin problems and pass that information along even though
things are much different now.

Boy am I thankful for my pump and my Lispro! :-)

Happy pumping!


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