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[IP] I need to vent

I have had a crazy day with blood sugars.  I was 140 this morning at 8am.  I 
ate lunch(soup,no crackers) and a diet coke.  I bolused for the soup since it 
had noodles.  About an hour after lunch I am 400!!!  I bolused to bring it 
down and correct my ketones.  At dinner I was 180.  I thought my 400 earlier 
was from miscounted carbs or hidden carbs.  I am now 401!!!  I have noticed 
that ever since I moved I have been all over the board.  I thought maybe it 
was stress related but after thinking about it I really have not been 
stressed.  I am so tired most of the time because I am all over the board 
with blood sugar readings.  Today has produced the highest numbers for me so 
far.  I changed my set yesterday afternoon and it seems to be fine. Any 
suggestions?  Feeling like I am on MDI again in NC.

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