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Re: Re: [IP] Hgb. A1C

Linda Z,

If glycosalation is what you say it is, and if the glycosalation 
rates increase in a roughly linear manner with the bg's, then it 
sounds to me like the Pink Panther book is incorrect.

Thanks for the clarification and insight,

>Tim, relative to the Pink Panther book saying that HA1c's are not averages
>but rather just a record of highs, the website you cited said " To represent
>the "average blood sugar," the sugar molecule would also have to detach from
>the protein when the blood sugar is low."  Well, I think there may be a
>logical fallacy there.  We are talking about deviation from normal
>glycosalation, a process that occurs to some degree even with normal blood
>sugars.  With low blood sugars, the process occurs less, with high blood
>sugars it occurs more.  No detachment is necessary for the low blood sugar to
>have an effect.
>Linda Z
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