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Boy, has it been a weekend.  I have been flying high and low and can not get
stabilized.  I went to bed saturday night high woke up 3 am low.  Then
Sunday night went to bed with a bg around 370.  Bolused and went to bed,
changed site also.  Woke up at 3am at 405!!  Bolused and woke up this
morning at 140.  Ate my usual slim fast breakfast which I bolused for.  2
hours later I was in the 300's.  I bolused and my MM508 alarmed a NO
DELIVERY alarm.  I calmed down after a few minutes because I  knew that I
didn't have a back up set with me.  I had plenty of insulin because I just
changed the site last night.  I pressed ACT and rebolused and everything
worked fine.  I have been high the whole day.  I got home and changed my
site and now going to bed at 393.  I am fighting a urinary trac infection
but things like this rarely bother my bg levels.  Does anyone have any ideas
of what might cause the NO DELIVERY alarm...I have never had this happen in
my 6 years of pumping.

Melissa and pumpy (who is a lil under the weather today)

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