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[IP] Re: Golf

Hello Marilyn--

I have found that with activities such as golf or cycling where you tend
to burn many calories per hour you must replenish those calories.  I
know that is obvious but what happens all too much is you will wait
until it is too late and suffer the lows. BTDT.  Have your son carry
quick acting snacks such as fruit and glucose tabs.  Here is what I must
do to ride 40 miles on the bike.

Eat a good size meal maybe 100 carbs.  Bolus 50% for the meal or less. 
Reduce my basel 50%.  After 45 minutes I will stop and test.  If I am
anywhere near 125 or lower and I will treat myself to a light snack and
continue snacking every 30 minutes.  Now this is for biking and I ride
hard.  He will have to experiment but there is no reason to try and play
18 holes without snacking a few times IMHO.  It'll help keep his energy
level up too.

Good Luck,
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