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Re: Re: [IP] Hgb. A1C

>Well, my pre-pump A1c's were always in the 5's and I had highs and lows
>quite frequently.  Graphing my bgs looked like a spike up and down chart.
>So, if it was just measuring the highs, wouldn't it have been much higher?
>It appears to me that the A1c's were more of an average of my bg's not how
>many highs I had or how high they were.


That is very interesting.  Unfortunately, I have no background in 
physiology, so I don't have any idea what is going on.  But I guess 
particularly since I have no background, I would not jump to 
conclusions.  I have no problem imagining explanations which would 
explain this other than that the A1c's are an average.   For example, 
the most obvious explanation is that the longer the bg's are high, 
the higher the A1c level.  With spikes, the total time the bg's were 
high might be small, resulting in a good A1c result.  Under this 
theory, a day in which all the readings were in the 300's might be 
far worse than multiple spikes into the 400 range if most of the time 
the readings were normal.  But again, I am NOT saying this is what is 
going on -- I don't know -- I am just saying that your experience 
does not give me any reason to think that the Pink Panther book is 

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