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Re: [IP] HELP First Gusher

Doug wrote:

>>I'm still fairly new and still a wimp but I didn't change the whole
reservoir I opened a new silhouette pkg and just used the needle part and
hooked it up to the already used tubing.  I primed one unit.  Is that okay?
Still shakin.<<

Since I use the Tenders with the 10 tubes 20 needles combination I change
the needle portion only every other time.  I also leave the tube and
cartridge/reservoir in as long as it still has enough insulin in it.
Sometimes I've had to change the cartridge/reservoir and left the needle set
in.  I just change what I need to change, when I need to change it.  And,
gushers happen, even though they're a little scarey, it's not because you
did anything wrong.

RoseLea and Max...

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