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Re: [IP] Rhonda - concerns about "full-time hookup"

Rhonda wrote:

>>> Also, I am concerned about what my new husband's true feelings will
> me being attached to something all the time.  He says it sounds great
> especially since he experiences all of my low blood sugars with me
> night.  However,  I still feel like he may be unsure too! If anyone hashad
> this concern as well, please enlighten me<<

Rhonda, I also was a little unsure about being attached to something all the
time (even though I was very pro pump) and I was concerned how my hubby
would like it.  His attitude was "no big deal" and I trusted that he would
accept it.  One thing I did do, was a saline trial with a loaner pump from
my endo's office.  I wore it for 2 days and it gave hubby and me a real idea
of being attached to something 24 hours a day.  One more thing I will say,
the other day, hubby remarked that he is finally becoming more relaxed about
me being alone, since any lows are very mild and not as severe as I had on
MDI.  He even remarked that he might not know what to do anymore if I had a
severe low since it's been so long since the last one (2 months?  He has a
short memory... LOL).  Anyways, hubby and I are both happy with pumping.
And, we find creative things to do with it during intimate moments also.

RoseLea and Max... joined at the hip...

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