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Re: [IP] Re:Cold all the time.

> I was wondering if there is anyone in the group, who
> suffers from being cold all the time? I have had this
> problem for a while, but recently I feel that it has
> gotten worse.
> I wake up cold, go to bed cold, get up in the middle
> of the night freezing, and if it isn't at least 80
> degree's outside I'm cold and need to have a sweat
> shirt on.
I ride the other side of the coin.  I continuously feel 
warm.  My body temperature is, in fact, several degrees 
below normal (typically 94.5 F), but it's ALWAYS been 
that way... well as long as I can remember anyway, I'd 
have to go through endless red tape to see my birth 

I break into a standing sweat in 65 degree weather, 
which I suppose is not all bad as I spend a lot of time 
in server rooms that are kept around 55-60.  Makes for 
trouble in bed though as my wife matches your 
temperature sensitivity.  I keep trying to open the 
windows to "cool down this oven" and she keeps trying 
trying to turn up the heater.

> Is there medicine that will help this problem, or is
> my only solution to take 6 - 8 showers a day just to
> stay warm?
I pose it to my docs every once in awhile, they just 
say "If it hasn't killed you yet, it probably won't."

> I also suffer from "gustatory neuropathy" (sweating
> while eating and at night), do these two problems have
> anything in common? I am at my wits end.
Could have something to do with trying to keep the 
temperature so high... but that's just idle guessing...

-Sara G.

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