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Re: [IP] Adult Question

Hi Sam same thing happens  to me every time. My solution was to add food to 
our intimate experience i.e. grapes, strawberries, other fruit, glass of wine 
 etc but not overdo it. or just eat afterward  it is a guessing game as to 
which night this was to occur because who wants to plan it we want it to just 
happen sometimes. but sometimes a little planning makes it so much more fun 
like trying new things new outfits or new places -hey got to keep it 
interesting!!! also I take off pump during the main event so not to get 
tangled in cord but lo bgs always happened until we made the above changes 
and no hi's because of snacking either- just burned off 
calories!!!!LOL---dont stop doin it just change it up a bit..Have fun be 
experamental see what works for you.----jenee
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