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[IP] A1c values

Several people have stated that "the A1c is just an average of BGs over the
past three months." Now, I'm no endo, but I have been around for a while
(read "am an old fart" if you like), so I've had at least a couple experts
try to cram the concept into my brain; and I think we've been
oversimplifying things just a bit in the thread.

The A1c measures how much our blood has been glycosolated. In simple enough
terms that even I understand it, this means sugar gets attached to the
hemoglobin molecules; the higher the sugar level, the faster and more this

The thing is, your corpuscles don't last forever. My understanding is that
the average lifetime is about a month, after which they get flushed from the
system. So the A1c only measures glycosolation over that period (is it
really three months?)

But it's a _weighted_ average. I.e., what things have been like over the
past two weeks is more important than what happened a month ago. Some of the
corpuscules around a month ago are no longer even in existence; OTOH, the
older ones have had a better chance to get sugar attached to them. So it's
not a dead-even constant average over the last month (or even three months).

I don't think it's a heavy weighting--the last week isn't four times as
important as four weeks ago, for example--but there is some weighting

Does this sound anywhere close to the real stuff? Or have I totally
forgotten my high school math? After writing the above, I realized I didn't
have as good a mental picture as I thought I did. Help!

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
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