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[IP] Need to Vent

     I'm sorry, I know this has been done to death, but...
     Before church yesterday, I was talking to someone (older gentleman, 
     actually a very nice guy) about my low blood sugar problems (pre-pump).  
     So, anyway, he says "Oh, you got sugar?"  and then he tells me to "stay 
     away from the insulin, that stuff's dangerous, just take the pills and 
     watch what you eat."
     I know people mean well, but I felt like telling this guy that my medical 
     team now includes an endo, a GP, a neurologist, a CDE, and an MRI 
     technician (the last one is more of a personal thing ;-)), but that I'd be 
     sure to let him know if anything opens up.  Oy!!!
     Matt Blanchette
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