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Re: [IP] A question about abbreviations.


I have been on the pump for almost three months.  It has been the best 
decision that I have ever made.  I live a much more normal life with it.  You 
still have to monitor yourself very carefully.  Just because you are hooked 
up, does not mean the pump will do all the work for you.  You still have to 
eat right, exercise and check your sugars on a regular basis.

It has made my life better.  I was going extremely low and had to go to the 
ER several times a week for this.  Then I was rebounding and having BS's of 
over 500.  My physician and I are best friends and he knew I was exercising 
and eating right.  Our final fight was the insurance company.  

Finally I would highly suggest it from my experience, but that is something 
that you, your husband and your doctor will have to discuss.  As for wearing 
something all the time you and your husband will hardly notice it.  As for 
you personal life, just unhook and be intimate and then check your blood and 
hook up again.


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