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Beth, don't wait that long.  There's no way any of us pumpers can precisely
match the digestion rate with the insulin absorption rate.  Usually the
food gets in quicker, and that is the way it should be for safety,
especially in kids.  Your worry is well taken.  H starts working in maybe
15 min, but doesn't peak for an hour or two, depending on dose.  Bigger
boluses of any insulin take longer to be absorbed and peak later.  But the
peak is not the end--there's half as much insulin yet to be absorbed.  So
even if you waited 45 min before eating, you still wouldn't match
perfectly.   It's not so bad to go high for an hour or 2 after eating, as
long as you are back on target 4 hours later and for the between meal time.
If you try to do much better, you are indeed living in stress city, and its
just not worth it.

<<<<<<<<<Thanks for the advice everybody.
Ruth, do you wait 45 min. with Geneva before eating a high glycemic food?  I
would imagine Braden would go low.  Day before Braden was high so I gave him
his dose and waited 40 min.  He crashed and literally fell into the corner
of the wall getting a nasty cut.  This is what worries me.  Do you check her
throughout those 45 min. or just guess the amount of time you can wait?  If
I could wait it would be ideal but....stress city..
Mom to Braden, 4>>>>>>>>>>

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