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[IP] Humalog timing

Or, take the
bolus 45 min before the poptart.    Poptarts are very very fast -- high glycemic
index and not much digestion required.

In regards to your question about Humalog timing with the poptart... I would have to disagree with the suggestion of taking the Humalog bolus 45 minutes before the meal.  Everything I have heard/read about Humalog states that no matter what the sugar level is before the meal, you should never take Humalog more than 15 minutes before eating.  I can collaborate this, as I have run into trouble before by taking Humalog more than 15 minutes before eating (crashed low).  I suppose the absorbtion rate varies from person to person, but for saftey 15 minutes is the maximum lead time for a Humalog bolus.

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