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[IP] Fw: Cold all the time

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From: "Andrew Bender, M. D." <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Monday, July 24, 2000 8:20 AM
Subject: Cold all the time

> Trish writes:
> Hi Sherree.  Have you had a thyroid test lately?  This being cold thing
> happens to me periodically too, despite living in almost-tropical southern
> Louisiana.  As a matter of fact these spells began when I moved here from
> Chicago--weird.  But I have hypothyroid stuff in my family and am flirting
> with it now myself--actually going a little hyper just now but my doc says
> that's a prelude to hypo- in my case, and I have a goiter (not big, can't
> see
> it, but the doc says it's palpable--I dunno, feels the same to me, but I
> never spent much time feeling my thyroid gland . . .)  But he says the
> Spot opines:
> Sometimes goiters form because of enlargement of the gland to cope with
> inadequate function, "Bigger is better"
> or lack of iodine. Iodized salt usually copes with that problem even in
> Midwest. Often during the prelude, there is intermittent failing function.
> during the onset of thyroid disease  Also Hashimoto's thyroiditis may
> with a goiterous enlargement of the gland. Is your doc an endo? Endo's are
> suspicious of many things that GP's are not and thyroid disease is an area
> where most endo's are highly trained. Further testing may be needed, as is
> usual.
> Talk to your doc  Spot and Christine

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