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[IP] Rhonda - concerns about "full-time hookup" (Long)

> Not on pump yet.  I need all information I can get (Positive and Negative)
> Please share your story with me.
> Also, I am concerned about what my new husband's true feelings will be
> me being attached to something all the time.  He says it sounds great to
> especially since he experiences all of my low blood sugars with me during
> night.  However,  I still feel like he may be unsure too! If anyone has
> this concern as well, please enlighten me


Do your best to trust him if he's telling you it sounds great to him...like
you said, he's the one who gets to experience the night-time lows from the
other end - & from what I am told, that's not really a fun thing at all.  My
husband heavily encouraged me to go on the pump last summer, while we were
in the wedding-planning process.  I started pumping Aug. 23rd, we were
married Sept. 18th...oh yeah, & I moved into a brand new teaching job in
between the two - a lot of activity & changes all at once, & the pump made
it SO much easier to handle everything else that was going on!!

I know that it may differ for some, but for Ken the issue of being "attached
to something all the time" is no different than being attached to my hair
(which is pretty long...it gets in the way far more often than the pump
does!) or having fillings in my teeth.  Overall it's far more convenient for
both of us in terms of travel, hectic schedules, & general healthcare - &
the bottom line is, I am SO MUCH HEALTHIER than I was on MDI, there's no
amount of money you could offer either of us for me to consider going back!!
He says it's for purely selfish reasons on his part...he plans to have me
around for a long time, & the pump seems much more apt to help him
accomplish his self-centered agenda there!  :)

Seriously...if you are worried that your husband may not be sharing his
"true feelings" with you about your possoble pumping, sit down & really talk
it out with him.  You may be surprised at how frightened & helpless a
partner feels dealing with/worrying about the night-time lows & such that
can accompany MDI.  Ken told me once I started pumping that he used to
(pre-pump) wake up several times a night (EVERY NIGHT for two years) to
check my skin for clamminess & just make sure I was still breathing.  And
this wasn't due to lack of knowledge/paranoia about diabetes, this was
because his previous girlfriend was diabetic as well, & suffered frequent
extreme lows, combined at times with hypoglycemic unawareness.  I'm kind of
amazed he was willing to enter into another relationship with "one of us",
given the stress of his own past experience!!  His history with it, though,
has been a godsend many times, because he is very knowledgable about
diabetes in general - & very willing to support me in whatever it takes to
subdue the diabetes monster when it gets ugly!  We take that "in sickness &
in health" part pretty seriously...& pumping has given us a way to insure
that we get a lot more of the second one than the first!

Brightest Blessings,

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