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In a message dated 7/23/00 8:51:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Rhonda McClary
 33 yo diagnosed in 1979 - Type I
 Not on pump yet.  I need all information I can get (Positive and Negative)
 Please share your story with me.
 Also, I am concerned about what my new husband's true feelings will be about 
 me being attached to something all the time.  He says it sounds great to 
 especially since he experiences all of my low blood sugars with me during 
 night.  However,  I still feel like he may be unsure too! If anyone has had 
 this concern as well, please enlighten me.  My last low blood sugar episode 
 was quite funny!
 - ------- >>

my husband i do believe is very satisfied with the pump taking over..i rarely 
have the nighttime lows ..had them alot before and i have to say he was great 
at kicking me out of bed to test and eat..:( and as far as me being attached 
.....yes..  i had a hard time dealing with it at first..seriosly the pump 
felt like a 10 pound brick and the tubing like a garden hose...but i got used 
to it eventually and now it is just a part of ME.unnoticed for the most part. 
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