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Re: [IP] HbA1c and humalog

>One thing I'm really confused about is Braden' bgl after he eats.  For
>instance, today he had a quick breakfast, (a poptart), had a shot of 
>as he ate, and after 2 hrs. he was at 300, at 3 hrs. he's 100.  Does this
>mean he doesn't peak until after 2 hrs. or what?  If I had just checked at 
>hrs., I would have assumed he had in range nos the whole time.  I assumed 
>could eat a poptart on humalog and would be ok.  Any ideas?


>From my experience on myself--larger doses of humalog (over 3 units) seem to 
absorb at a slower rate than say 1 or 2 which tend to be out of my system in 
2 hours like they claim!  So we don't make any adjustments until it has been 
in my system for at least 3 hours or more.
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