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<Are any of you golfers?  If so, when you are golfing 18 holes and
walking the course, how do you adjust basals and how often do you eat?
My 14 year old loves to golf, but still can't seem to find the right
adjustments.  He starts out around 150, jumps to the 300s after an hour,
boluses 50% for the correction, ends up very low.  He reduces his basal
rate 50% an hour before he begins.  Any suggestions would be greatly

Hi Marilyn,

I have golfed 9 holes numerous times on MDI but not on the pump. Based
on my bg rdgs with golf vs. ping pong (where I'm very active), I'd
suggest not reducing the basal rate 50% an hour before he begins.  Why?
Because the exercise is not strenuous, but continual. Instead, I'd
suggest that he suspend the pump after he has played about an hour
(ideally checking his bg level at that time as well). I find in doing
less strenuous exercise that I need to decrease my insulin later than
when the exercise is more strenuous. Obviously he'll need to experiment,
but right now it appears as if 1) he is not getting enough insulin early
in the exercise, but 2) too much at the end. That's why I think my
suggestion will work--or at least come closer! Of course, I always keep
glucotabs on hand as well, so if I go too low I can still keep playing!

Hope this helps.


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