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Re: [IP] A question about abbreviations.

In a message dated 7/23/00 8:33:56 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Also, I am concerned about what my new husband's true feelings will be 
 me being attached to something all the time.  He says it sounds great to 
 especially since he experiences all of my low blood sugars with me during 
 night.  However,  I still feel like he may be unsure too! If anyone has had 
 this concern as well, please enlighten me.  >>

I had the same concerns and my husband isn't new! We'll celebrate our 25th 
anniversary next month. I also was afraid he'd leave me after I started 
taking insulin (and, consequently, going low). And that he would think I was 
gross most recently when I was on IV antibiotics (off of them as of last 
Friday!) and had a central venous line in my chest (with two lines dangling) 
in addition to the pump attached to my belly. None of my concerns were valid. 
Must be love. :-)

Those must be fairly common concerns, though, so you're probably not alone.

Jan and Elvis
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