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[IP] Re: High bgs after flight

Teresa -

I just finished 4 years of working in Tokyo, and making 24-hour flights back
and forth from the U.S. East Coast.  Timing is everything!  I took my normal
insulin (I was on shots) before I left, knew there was about 12 hours
difference in time zones when I was to land, so took 1 dose of Regular about
half-way thru the trip.  Landed, went into the Ladies' room at the airport
and took another shot of Regular, then that night took my normal NPH.  My
blood sugars were pretty much normal.  PS - Always carry your insulin,
syringes and glucometer on your person - I've never had any trouble with
Customs, carrying these things through.  Just in case, I always carry a
letter from my Doc stating I'm diabetic and carrying supplies (syringes,
etc.).  Be persistent - flying doesn't have to be a problem!  Write me, if I
can help. email @ redacted

Happy traveliing - Jane

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