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[IP] what a week

What a week this has been.
 First off the incident I mentioned on Wednesday with
my pump breaking, me going sky high, with large
ketones, winding up in the ER, and getting a loaner
pump. Then FINALLY the next night, I got an
alarm--well, several nonstop ones. My endo had no one
on call and I really got mad..I probably could've been
fine w/o the Er, but in the end I did need an iv so
that was good.
 Then 2 days later ketones were a prob, called a doc
who said do 5h every hour til they were gone which I
KNEW was overkill (and it was--I did that 4 times and
boy was the huge dose scary) and i bombed out. Lesson
being, they've asked me to do that overkill before and
Iv'e refused, but I listened this time, now I have
sound evidnece why I am always "stubborn" to listen to
my body. This proved to my doctor how good my
instincts are. I spoke to his med student..it was his
advice, but next time I see the "real endo" boy will I
voice my opinion:-)! I'd slept in an RA's room and she
hadn't been able to wake me up and when I finally woke
up I couldn't stop shaking, etc, etc, that was the
worst low I've had in years. They're cautious here b/c
it's someone else's child so they wanted me to go to
the Er in case the low wasn't over, or whatever. (Now
they know "Amy Martin" at Lynchburg General:-)
 All those darn extremes this week. I can't wait till
I'm a doc b/c I've learned so much of what not to do
to patients. the program director here is great and
was impressed by how I handled it all which made me
proud, but he was also upset that in this town there
are no extra insulin pumps anywhere, but they ahve all
"other medical devices"...now, MM has my pump for the
next 3+ months.
 I saw my parents today, what a fast day! The good
thing, I guess they're used to me "being in charge"
b/c they weren't worried about all the ER stuff. The
second time I didn't even call them about the low b/c
by the time I woken up, well you know by then it'll be
ok. Ithink they're confident about me going away for
good, and I've learned at college I have to have a
good RA, a mentor who can drive, and a close by
hospital. I've been amazed by how helpful everyone
here (LC) has been, and so many security guards are
EMTS..several standing outside teh door whenI had my
nice hypo reaction. So, yes, my luck has ended, after
years of having no serious lows something did happen.
 I'm glad I have my pump, but it has totally become
clear that I have ALL the weird probs. I was the
second here in 10 yrs to have a malfunctioning pump
and I got upset b/c darn it, it's SUPPOSED to be
reliable! Geez! Of course, now I hvae a huge stock of
syringes in my room. The ketones are finally gone and
my bg are settling back down. 
 What a week though. I miss chatting with you all,
this is my support system, but there are some folks
here who get curious when I am gone for a few hours:-)


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