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[IP] Disability for diabetes

I am on permanent SS disability for my diabetes which I have had for 37
years. I also have a private policy which is paying me. I was examined by SS
disability last August and the doctor said "What are you doing here" A few
months later I got a letter notifying me of the "Award" of SS Disability.
Supposedly you need 35 points but I had 68. I also has vet benefits and RR
retirement benefits to my credit as well as steady employment for 47 years.
When you apply they will send you a booklet listing the requirements. SS
does not grant temporary disability and state policies vary. I lived in NJ
and never applied for temporary disability. SS has a book called Social
security disability which you can get from the govt printing office. that
lists all the requirements. I hope your examiner will be less gung ho than
mine was: "Why are you here" was not something I wanted to hear!

A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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