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[IP] HbA1c (was: pumping and children)

Braden's a1c's usually range in the 5.9-6.6 but he has so
many lows.  He has had an extreme amount of highs these last couple of
months also so I wouldn't be surprised to see an 8 or so.  Ugh!!

Beth (& others),

I've seen a lot of mentions lately, especially concerning kids, of what seem
to be pretty good A1c numbers.  The thing to be aware of (you may already
know this...but I didn't, when we first started tracking mine) is that that
number is NOT a good indicator of what is happening if you've got a lot of
lows...because it is an average.  If you have a good average, & you are
dealing with a great many lows, then an equal number of highs (which you may
or may not be aware of, depending on when they are occuring) are also
necessary to create that good average.  When I was led to the realization
that it was time to actually pay attention to my diabetes several years ago,
I had my first HbA1c since diagnosis...it was a 6.something.  If we looked
at the charts for range evaluation, that seemed pretty darned good...except
for the fact that we were aware I was dealing with a great many lows - that
sort of changes the picture a bit.  Once the doctor pointed that out, I
wasn't feeling quite so pleased about it!  :)

I'm not saying that those who have brought down their A1c's should not be
rejoicing...that is definitely something to be proud of & very happy about.
Just make sure you know what it is really indicating - as in, are your daily
numbers very much reflective of the same trend?  Someone in the medical
field posted here a while back the fact that daily numbers & trends are a
much more accurate indicator of where you are at than the HbA1c numbers -
given my own experience, I'm inclined to believe them!


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