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Re: [IP] post it and don't worry

    Yet another excellent "sermon" that helps put this whole experience into 
"perspective"- a word which is as different for each diabetic ( and/or their 
loved ones who live "with" diabetes) as are snow flakes.....I believe 
strongly that pumping provides a much more "normalized" lifestyle, allowing 
for spontaneity, freedom of choice, unexpected snafus ( like the 6 hr 
gridlock on the expressway here the other day that had me wondering about any 
diabetics who hadn't planned on spending 6 hrs stuck without their insulin!) 
etc. That said though, the KEY ingredient we have found to SUCCESSFUL pump 
therapy has been, & continues to be, EDUCATION. As the demand for pumps 
continues to outstrip the availability of pump trainers, I shudder to think 
of new pumpers being tossed onto the "pump bandwagon" without their seat belt 
to secure them during the rocky twists & turns of the ride. 
   And I also shudder to think of all the novice pumpers encountering school 
personnel, camp & school nurses, ER personnel, etc. who are as unnerved by 
the sight of an insulin pump as were obstetricians 25 years ago at the sight 
of a dad in the delivery room!! YIKES - no way they'll be able to do this! 

Regards, Renee ( Melissa's pump mom)

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