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[IP] Re: Sulfites

> Sulfites are used to sterilize the aging barrels before use.  They =
> provide no direct benefit to the wine, but it's simply a residual from =
> the sterilization process.
> Jim Handsfield

Sulfites, in the form of sulfur dioxide (SO2), has been used as early as
ancient times by the Egyptians and Romans to clean wine receptacles as well
as directly preserving wine.  European winemakers pioneered the use of
adding sulfur dioxide to wine as a preservative.  Modern wine making
practice is to add sulfites to wine as both an anti-microbial preservative
and as an antioxidant (oxygen is devastating to wine).  Federal law allows
the addition of up to 350ppm sulfites directly to wine for this purpose.  To
keep this on topic (diabetes), I have been advised by three physicians to
drink red wine every day to raise my HDL.  The last doctor said it would
have to be 4-5 glasses per day.  I am a wine lover (unknown to the
physicians) but fail to follow this treatment plan as prescribed - way too

p.s.:  There is no such thing as sulfite-free wine because the action of
yeast on the grape juice always produces small amounts of natural sulfites.
Wine labels proclaiming "sulfite free" are because federal law allows such
labeling when sulfites are 10ppm or less.  I enjoy this topic but since it
has deviated from pumping insulin it should be discussed via private email
if it continues.

John Kinsley
email @ redacted
Type 1 since 1956
MM 507 since 6/9/98

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