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Re: [IP] Can you believe this!! - pumper turned away from D camp

On 21 Jul 00, at 11:27, email @ redacted wrote:

> Jake, Peter & I went to orientation for a diabetes camp that Jake 
> would be attending on Mon.  It is run by the Lion's club & held at 
> Friends Academy in Locust Valley (long island, NY).  The 
> orientation was going great until the "Nurse" started telling us 
> about how to send the syringes, etc.  At that point, I asked her if 
> there were any other kids who would be attending on the pump. 
> She looked at me as if she were really seeing Jimmy Hoffa!!  She 
> said in a shaking voice "oh no, I don't do pumps"  I actually thought 
> she was kidding.  Well, unfortunately, she was not kidding.  
> Hmmm...what a story that would be...a diabetes camp which does 
> not take children with diabetes.  Do you think this is an issue for 
> JDF to address?  My son and one other boy who is 10 left there 
> feeling quite badly!  They were the only 2 pumpers in the group.  
> Jake was supposed to start camp on Monday...I guess not! Peter 
> is at this moment on the phone with my brother the lawyer....I am 
> trying to calm him down once again!!! If you have any  
> ideas....let me know! Carolyn
> Any help here???

A lawsuit (or at least mention of it) plus some efforts to contact the 
responsible parties in the Lion's club  might be worthwhile.  A little 
publicity about a diabetes camp where it's dangerous to send someone with 
diabetes should definitely be in the works!  Any nurse who is going to be 
responsible for children with diabetes and doesn't know anything about 
pumps is in trouble - I bet she's not even familiar with anything past the old
two shot a day and no sugar in the urine philosophy...  

I have little patience for "medical professionals" who are so far behind
current standards of treatment...  especially since in my experience those
who are the furtherest behind always claim the most knowledge...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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