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[IP] Pump out of insulin

On 22 Jul 00, at 17:37, Rosemary Lare wrote:

>  I'm new on the pump as it has only been about 6 weeks. I would like to
> thank you for all the e-mails that I received concerning how to make the
> waist or leg wraps etc. as they have been very helpful.
>  I had an unusual experience yesterday and wondered if it had happened
> to any one else. Yesterday I woke up and my blood sugar was higher than
> normal and looked at my pump and found out that I had no insulin in the
> reservoir and it never gave me an alarm. I didn't think about calling
> the company right away but just changed it and then went on with my
> daily activities. While at my Doctor's office yesterday, I mentioned it
> to her and she said to make sure I called MM.  Last evening I called MM
> and he said that he really couldn't help me with my problem since I took
> everything out and started over again. I now know that you have to call
> as soon as you have a problem and while the old reservoir is still in
> the pump so they can run a test and see what the error message is.
>  My blood sugars are still not stable yet but my Doctor said it normally
> takes 3- 6 months and not to get discouraged.
>  I have learned a lot from this site in just a few weeks of being on it.
>  Thanks again!
>   Rosemary Lare
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