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If we have a patient to go on the pump at our endo's and (s)he doesn't know
which pump they want (the insurence will also dictate),  mainly it's who got
to the endo first.....MM or D were neck and neck out here in sales force,
but in the last year MM has saturated the area with reps. Now Animas is out,
too....So the Endo's office will have their preferences and even though mine
likes MM for the general public, they also gave me the D choice as to my
eyesight, and the water sports I like.
    Patients will have a say in the choice and so will the ins. co.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Redia Engle" <email @ redacted>
> Doe's your dr. tell you which pump is best for you, or do you decide
> yourself? i would appreciate any advice i can get .   thanks

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