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Re: [IP] Anyone on Disability?

I received S.S.I. disability for several conditions including my diabetes.  I
live in Montana but S.S.I. is primarily federal so the laws governing it are
generally univeral to each state (except some states have different ways of
handling it).  I know blindness, kidney disease (with dialysis), and any
amputations seem to help the applicant.  Also, you can look up S.S.I. law on the
internet and find the statutes that govern it.  The definition they use goes
something like . . . unable to find and maintain gainful employment due to
disability.  As a final note, almost all applicants are turned away when they
apply.  You must appeal.  I would strongly recommend finding an attorney who
specializes in S.S.I. law.  There are some organizations out there that have
volunteering attorneys that are willing to help applicants.  Good luck in you

> Is anyone at IP on disability for their diabetes?  If so, I'd love to know
> exactly what criteria (especially in Calif.) it takes to be considered
> permanently disabled due to diabetic complications.    Holly
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