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[IP] Re: Diabetes camps for kids

Spot and Christine wrote:

>>camp is a good experience for most
kids with 'betes who always felt like they had 7 heads. How to handle sick
days, what activity does to them. Even for kids without 'betes camp is a
great experience. <<

I agree 100%.  I was also a kid with diabetes who felt so different from
everyone else.  When I went to camp (first time was just a couple months
after diagnosis), and saw all the kids with the same "condition" as me, it
helped me a lot.  I never felt so odd and left out again.  Camp was a
wonderful experience for me, I attended Camp Midicha in Michigan until I was
16... I have wonderful memories of that time which helped with the shock of
being diagnosed in the first place.  IMHO any parent who has the opportunity
to send their diabetic child to 'betes camp should do so.  It's probably one
of the best things that you can do for them.

RoseLea and Max...

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