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[IP] Re: diabetes education classes

RoseLea--What state are you in?  I was faced with the same problem last year 
when I went on the pump, but got around it.  I had read on the ADA website 
that in Louisiana every diabetic is entitled to education about their 
condition to the tune of $500.  Since it did not say one had to be 
newly-diagnosed, I siexed the ambiguity.  I found an alternate diabetes 
center that would cut up the standard "package" (which includes things like 
$26.00 BG tests, crimeny) and basic nutrition courses that I did not need and 
got the cost down to around $500.  I know it wasn't basic education, it was 
all pump and carbo counting, but there was one point during which I had to 
demonstrate that I could draw up insulin (after 30 years of doing so multiple 
times/day, I think I can manage) and then an RN had to sign that she had 
observed me doing this satisfactorily.  That was apparently enough to satisfy 
the insurance co. and/or state (I'm insured thru the state). Are you on 
Minimed?  I think they helped me set this up.  Call your sales rep or their 
insurance office.  Their insurance office I have found to be fantastic.

Hope this helps,

>>>Are these classes free?  So far, I've had to pay for all diabetes education
I've gotten since my insurance doesn't cover it.  Just got a bill for
$592.00 for my pump and nutrition classes at my endo's office.  They tell me
I can pay it in 6 payments over a 6 month period.

RoseLea and Max...
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