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Re: [IP] Posting Suggestion

On 21 Jul 00, at 15:56, email @ redacted wrote:

> When a post is personal - that is, directed at a specific person  (asking 
> them a question, answering their question, or just personal conversation) I 
> always choose to reply to their personal e-mail address rather than IP.  I 
> figure others wouldn't be interested, so why take up IP space and the readers 
> valuable time.  Just a suggestion.  Holly

Excellent suggestion, Holly.  I choose to reply to you on the list as 
I think many people need to re-read your suggestion.  Some posts 
that show up are personal and should be sent to the individual.  
What good does it do for the whole list to read "way to go, Joe!" 
when it's Joe that should hear that himself.  Now if I were to write 
"Joe, the tincture of Benzoin has really helped me keep my sets 
intact", that could help others.  Lets all remember, that mail can be 
addressed to the list AND it can be addressed to the individual.  I'm 
glad to know that you also write notes "personally".  Lets all try to 
do a bit more of that!      ;>)


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