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RE: Subject: [IP] ?? Cold Water/ ??Ela Max

We used emla cream with Lucas also. It was recommended though that you do
not use this for an extended period of time, because it was not known what
the long term effects the lidocaine and prilocaine would have on the
children's skin. It took us 6 months to finally wean him off of the Emla
cream and now he doesn't even want it. We weaned him off by giving him less
and less until such time that I just placed a drop of hand cream on the new
site...He didn't even notice other than it stung a little for just a
second.. That was the end of the cream...

>We use EMLA - tried the ELA-max, and Jenna didn't think it numbed as well.<
>But, we just wipe it off with a tissue, then use the IV prep.  I think
>have kind of a sticky mess if you tried to wipe it off with the sticky IV<


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